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DoA Gamers - Version 4.0

Written by Che Cortez
Published: 2014-08-22 15:26:39
Last Updated: 2014-08-26 02:05:59

If you are interested in joining please add "DoAGamers" on Line

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Hello all

This is a message from DoAGamers

Kabam has recently updated Dragons Of Atlantis and it has been met with wide spread criticism, and as such have put into motion  events that will be possible shake up the DoA franchise.

The outrage isn't due to the updated visual graphics, which are great improvement from the previous versions, however it has left a small isolated group of players not able to play as they are experiencing LAG that is game breaking. Or how pathetic Kabam's compensation was for the the Great Dragon keep or how iOS users were put at disadvantages with the delay in releasing the update through Apple

The criticism is due to the newest feature, a Dragon vs Dragon arena, many players welcome the chance to utilize their Great Dragon more, however there is a issue with players being matched up against BOTS, as BOTS are current OP and end any winning streak you have.

The BIGGEST OUTRAGE is Kabam making the newest feature another one of their infamous money Sink holes.

The Armory was first, a place were players could upgrade their units using stones to give an advantage on the battlefield. But with such a large amount of stones required at the higher levels and farming stones capped at 15 a day, players who didn't spend money couldn't compete . The players with the biggest wallet has the advantage. Kabam needed to further their profits and so increased the max amount of levels, however the amount of stones requires are enormous and after a month of release I am yet to see anyone with maxed leveled troops, as the cost to level up are getting close to $1k plus!

Generals was the next money grab, 200 rubies for a roll of the die.. The generals added a bit of variety and complemented the arena and quickly becoming another way to assert your dominance in the realm . However leveling the Generals was beyond a pain, with only 8 General tokens given out each day, with a maxed Officer Quarters, if you had managed to have some devils luck and obtained a epic or legendary General it would still take months of logging in each day to level it up, without using rubies it would take over a year to max one this way.

Skilling up the Generals is also a issue all on its own..

The player base endured all this.. But KABAM has finally gone to far.. And the Players are tolerating it no longer!

The newest update has you purchasing types of Meat (Mutton, Beef and Venison) to level up your Dragon. The only item is only obtainable is Mutton,  through purchasing with medals from the arena, rubies, or searching with your great dragon. 1 mutton gives 100 exp, that is a 2 percent increase for a lvl 20 Great dragon.. Needless to say, the only way to compete once again is through Rubies..


Do not get DoA Gamers wrong, we are all for players who use Rubies, however is it insulting to the majority of the player base who haven't been give an option to effectively obtain Meat another way..

Not only did Kabam screw over the free players, and the efficient spenders but as well as the mass Ruby-ers' by increasing the cost of Meat, 12 hours after the update, to almost x4 their original already inflated value!


Enough is Enough!


Why I do understand a company wants to make a profit, but this has become ludicrous to the point only Bill Gates, or possibly Wil Wheaton, would bother to continue wasting money on this game!


And from this Money pit of created on Kabams Greed, arises DoA Gamers.


Who are we?

DoA Gamers

"Are group of reasonable, like minded players...we will push to be heard. Our requests will be reasonable. We think not of ourselves, but of the DoA Community.

We will take action to be heard, yet we will not be bullies. This is our cause we are committed to bettering the DoA experience for all players. Here, we move for fairness. Here, we move to gain value from our money. Here, we move for change."


Formed within 24 hours of the Update, it already have over 150 + people from over 22 realms working together to network and make players aware.

The intention is to unite the player base and become the voice of the DoA players who have been repeatedly back handed in the face with Kabams, dirty, evil, scheming tactics to alleviate players of their hard earned cash.  Slyly decreasing any chances for the casual players to enjoy the game

Kabam has swept our support tickets under their rug of shame for the last time! Individually they were able to ignore us, so their actions have propelled us to act, and we are their consequence.

Their Greed has beget a greater force that they ever could of imagined!


So what happens now?

BOYCOTT! Over 300 people already are Boycotting spending Rubies for the next 60 days!

From the 22nd of August till the 22 of October, we encourage all players not to spend any money on of Kabam Apps.

Since Kabam only cares about money, then this is how we will hit them first!

In the mean time we will continue to grow and get players support and once we receive feedback ( take note Kabam, listening to your players which Kabam lack the ability to do so) we will;


- start a petition with our demands

- organize a time to vote down, this is so we can see the impact and outcome of our actions

- Go to the media,



We will take action to be heard, this is our cause

DoA Gamers


If you are interested in joining please add




alternatively you can add CheCortez and he will forward you to them





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