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Dragons of Atlantis University (DOAU) is a website that provides information, guides and walkthroughs for the mobile game called Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragons" which is available on Android and iOS. From many topics and videos explaining the battle mechanics, to guides on how to build efficiently and combinations of troops. This site is perfect for newbies looking for a place to start and veterans looking for tools to help conquer their enemies!

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Earth Dragon Egg
Earth Dragon
03/22 09:08 Head-2-head card between... by Valeriant
03/19 15:22 Class 104 - Great/City... by Che Cortez
03/10 15:35 Class 103 Testing your... by Che Cortez
03/05 20:29 Hey guys, This is... by Che Cortez
03/04 14:09 ok, Class time.This one is... by Che Cortez
02/28 06:25 * Moved to Contributions*... by Taz
02/25 19:34 *Move to correct... by Momber
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Nightshade Crest
Nightshade Crest
04/07 10:18 Oh ok thanks, i hear a lot... by ProtoMan
04/06 13:14 There was a glitch that... by Che Cortez
04/04 11:02 Except you can't train... by Momber
04/02 10:29 15 million giants!!!!... by ProtoMan
04/01 08:52 Dang, thats a lot to count... by NoOne
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Nightshade Dragon

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DOAU is growing steadily with more classes about specific topics every day, written by contributors from DoA own players! Check out content on some particular topics of interest, find out things you might not already know or mail us and help us grow! You can contribute with your own writing and/ or any information relating DOA is appreciated. Go to our Forum to easily post stuffs!

Guides and Walkthroughs
Guides: Build


This is a guide for beginners, focusing on building and how to grow fast for start-ups. Some tips and tricks on the many buildings in DoA for planning your future in the long run.

Guides: Train


Know your enemies, ready your troops and march on! Here you will find studies on the battle mechanic within DoA.

Guides: Tournaments


Gameplay Information & Fundamentals


Dragon's Keeps

Battle Dragons!

Everything you need to know about these fearsome beasts! Before getting Water Dragon and other Dragon's Keep, these Battle Dragons are the most effective troops for combat!
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